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Oh man what interesting times we live in! 

Things are changing globally faster than we are used to and with the current world issues that we are facing we are forced to adapt more rapidly than before.  

I'm sure you noticed the lack of stock on the site and there is no reason to panic, actually you should celebrate!  I've moved on from molds produced overseas that are run of the mill items you can find elsewhere.  No more long shipping time woes and logistical nightmares at SSP!  

From this day forward all the molds you see on this site will be produced in house, by hand, in the good ol' USA! 

I'm letting myself get creative and going to bring you molds and other things that you have never seen before.  Not afraid to take chances or go balls to the wall with any ideas and willing to tackle those projects that the rest won't touch! 

That being said I've learned when to say no.  Not all projects are SSP projects as I fill a certain niche of sculptor, toy maker, and engineer that understands his skill set. 

I can't wait to make your visions a reality!  Thank you all for allowing me, and supporting me, to get here! 


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