"Tony what resin do I use to get casts like yours?", "My casts are full of bubbles help!", "My mixing cup melted while I was mixing my epoxy, ah!"


As a resin artist I get asked quite often what my favorite epoxy brand is to work with. 

It's no secret that Polymeres Technologies Chill Epoxy brand is what I love and where it's at!

Here's Why:

  • Made with virgin chemicals means no need for a respirator while working or strong chemical smells in the shop
  • Doesn't heat up in the mixing cup like other similar epoxies out there
  • Low viscosity means it just pushes out bubbles! 
  • Clarity unsurpassed, almost invisible

There are various epoxy products available in the Chill line, perfect for all the various resin projects we get ourselves into. 

Check out Chill Epoxy's YT below!

Here's a handy chart to find the right brand of Chill Epoxy for your project: 

Chill Epoxy Product Chart

Convinced? Here's the link to contact Chill's Sales Department so they can connect you with a distributor in your area!

Below you will find the Instructions in PDF form for the above Chill Epoxy products (Slide Left to Right on Mobile) : 

Chill Diamond Fast Epoxy Chill Clear Epoxy Resin Chill Ice 1 Epoxy Chill Ice 2 Epoxy Chill Deep Pour Epoxy Chill 3D Epoxy Resin
 Diamond Fast   Clear  Ice 1  Ice 2  Deep Pour  3D