"Tony what resin do I use to get casts like yours?", "My casts are full of bubbles help!", "My mixing cup melted while I was mixing my epoxy, ah!"


As a resin artist I get asked quite often what my favorite epoxy brand is to work with. 

It's no secret that Polymeres Technologies Chill Epoxy brand is what I love and where it's at!

Here's Why:

  • Made with virgin chemicals means no need for a respirator while working or strong chemical smells in the shop
  • Doesn't heat up in the mixing cup like other similar epoxies out there
  • Low viscosity means it just pushes out bubbles! 
  • Clarity unsurpassed, almost invisible

There are various epoxy products available in the Chill line, perfect for all the various resin projects we get ourselves into. 

Here's a handy chart to find the right brand of Chill Epoxy for your project: 

Chill Epoxy Product Chart

Convinced? Here's the link to contact Chill's Sales Department so they can connect you with a distributor in your area!

Below you will find the Instructions in PDF form for the above Chill Epoxy products (Slide Left to Right on Mobile) : 

Chill Diamond Fast Epoxy Chill Clear Epoxy Resin Chill Ice 1 Epoxy Chill Ice 2 Epoxy Chill Deep Pour Epoxy Chill 3D Epoxy Resin
 Diamond Fast   Clear  Ice 1  Ice 2  Deep Pour  3D